Don’t think traditional American music will be the only thing lighting up our 260-acres event space. With the help of you, our valued vendors, we will complete the festival experience with exciting traditional Louisiana style dishes. The deep & savory flavors of Cajun cooking will heat up the taste buds of festival attendees. Whether you’re driving to our convenient location just 11 miles outside Baton Rouge in Gonzales, Louisiana or need a space, Flambeau Fest is ready to accommodate.
Fill out the application below to become part of the Flambeau Fest experience!


Application Deadline: SEPTEMBER 1, 2017
Accept/Decline Notification Deadline: SEPTEMBER 1, 2017
Paperwork/Payment Due: SEPTEMBER 8, 2017
Vendor Website Announcement: SEPTEMBER 8, 2017
Load In: October 6, 2017
Showtime: October 7-8, 2017
Load Out: October 9, 2017 by 5:00 PM


Booth Pricing: $1,750
Food Truck Pricing: $1,000


Flambeau Fest provides the following for the food vendor promenade: A 10’ wide X 20’ deep booth, signage, basic booth power, service counter, facade and staff passes.


The main goal at our food promenade is to serve quality food items by professional and friendly food vendors. We want the wait times to be kept to a minimum. It is important to make your menu selections to be served quickly. It is critical to be efficient and have a quick turn around time. During peak hours you will be required to have 3 points of sale. All vendors will be limited to 3 items. However, you may provide a 4th option if it is a dessert. All menu items are subject to approval. Please include one lower priced item. Please Note: All bottled water, energy drinks, soft drinks or alcohol is prohibited. No other beverages are permitted without prior written permission. The booth name/logo, menu item and prices are featured on a color banner to be hung over the booth. Please keep the description simple. All food items to be in whole dollars only.
Upload a quality picture of your items here. Picture may be used at Flambeau Fest website.
The vendor is responsible for all applicable parish, state and federal taxes. Any vendors with outstanding tax debts in the state of Louisiana will not be selected to vend at Flambeau Fest. Please submit a certificate of paid sales tax. All service items must be recyclable or biodegradable. Prohibited items include: single use bags, styrofoam, individual condiment packets and wrapped cutlery.
Be sure to order enough power to cover all of your electrical equipment requirements. Please list all equipment:
A copy of this application will be emailed to the address you provide above.
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